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How does SME Crowdfunding work?

Siam Validus' award-winning Fintech platform helps SMEs who are underserved by traditional bank financing, gain access to working capital from Accredited Investors.

Accredited Investors

Our platform acts as an intermediary for funding growing SMEs through Crowdfunding Bonds. Investors can invest in these curated Crowdfunding Bonds, and gain exposure to the SME asset class for diversification and high-yield returns.



SMEs can easily access funds by offering Crowdfunding Bonds on Siam Validus’ regulated platform, that will enable them to boost their cash flow for operational expenses or to capitalise on growth opportunities without needing to pledge collateral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to be a Bond Issuer?

Qualifications for bond issuer:

1. Your business is registered in Thailand as a company limited or a public company limited

2. Your business has at least one Thai shareholder (at least 20% shareholding), who is actively operating the business and residing in Thailand.

What are the processes of issuing Crowdfunding Bonds?

There are 4 steps in issuing Crowdfunding Bonds

Step 1: Application and credit assessment

Company applies on Siam Validus platform
– proposal to raise funds i.e., business expansion, working capital, debt consolidation
– upload documents for credit assessment

After Siam Validus assesses the company for credit-worthiness based on their documents, Siam Validus assigns a credit grade that translates into an interest pricing for the debenture. Then the company must agree to proposed credit grade and terms to proceed with e-signature of documents.

Step 2: Subscribing to a Crowdfunding Bond

Once the Company agrees to credit grade and terms, Siam Validus will list the Crowdfunding Bond campaign on the platform. Investors can review the Crowdfunding Bond details before investing. Crowdfunding Bonds are issued when it is successfully funded, if the subscription is not successful, investors will receive a refund of the subscription amount.

Step 3: Issuing Crowdfunding Bond Certificate

The company reviews Crowdfunding Bond subscriptions and assigns Rights and Duties of Issuer and Bondholders. At this time, funds are transferred from the custodian to the company, and bond certificates are issued to the investors by the company.

Step 4: Ongoing obligations by Bond Issuer

Siam Validus maintains the Bond Registry on behalf of the company (the Bond Issuer) and tracks repayments to Investors over the duration of the Crowdfunding Bonds.

What if the Issuer defaults on a payment?

In case the issuer encounters a problem which may lead to a default. Please contact Siam Validus immediately for us to take care of, advise and find possible repayment options such as extension bond redemption period or change the payment date.

What documents does the Issuer need to provide in order to apply to issue Crowdfunding Bonds?

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. List of all Shareholders
3. Company’s primary bank statement
4. Latest Audited Financial Statements
5. Company’s Credit Reports from National Credit Bureau
6. Main shareholder’s (>20% shares) copies of ID Cards (or Passports)

What's the repayment mechanism?

Bank transfers or direct debit.

Is early repayment allowed?

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to pay off your Crowdfunding Bond completely, please contact us and we can give you the settlement information.

Can I change the repayment date?

The Debt Crowdfunding Prospectus will set out your repayment schedule. If you require any changes to that schedule, please contact us.

What's the interest rate?

It can vary from 4-12% per annum depending on the SME profile, credit analysis, type of facility, amount and tenure.

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As the Thai arm of Validus, one of the region's largest SME financing platform, Siam Validus was founded to address the THB 1.3 trillion SME financing gap, and aims to bring financial inclusion and innovation to SMEs through the use of data analytics and AI to fund growing businesses.
We've built industry-leading partnerships with Corporates (blue-chip companies, government linked-companies) and B2B platforms to deploy solutions that boost SME lending in local supply chains. Validus is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is also present in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Siam Validus is the Thai arm of Validus, an award-winning regional Fintech