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Crowdfunding debentures have been around for a while abroad. However, in Thailand, it is considered a new kind of investment, and many may still be unsure of how it is different when compared to the general debentures and whether it is worth investing in.

As a digital crowdfunding platform, Siam Validus would like to share a few key takeaways that differentiates crowdfunding debentures from general debentures.

*Important remark: Investing in crowdfunding debentures is ideal for investors with knowledge and understanding of the risks involved. Investors should be able to make his or her own financial decisions, wherein the investment type is suitable for those who want to diversify their portfolio. With investment-based crowdfunding, investors should consider illiquid investments and investing until the maturity of the debenture. Note that investment-based crowdfunding is not guaranteed by third parties and is not protected by any government agency. Thus, prior to any decision it is necessary that investors understand the nature of crowdfunding, thoroughly study its terms and conditions, and be prepared for any risk that may arise.

For those interested in investment-based crowdfunding opportunities, please register or contact us via phone call at 02-026-6574 ext 2 or email at
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