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The novelty behind crowdfunding is a trending topic of discussion, especially among fundraisers looking for alternative accesses to funding. Likewise, investors are also seeking for new opportunities for promising returns on investments within certain timeframes. The most important aspect to consider for both fundraisers and investors is the crowdfunding platform, which should act as a trusted intermediary for both parties.

How do you set apart a quality crowdfunding platform?

For investors, singling out quality crowdfunding platforms is crucial. The right service provider will enable investors to be more assured as well as make better and easier decisions when it comes to selecting SMEs to invest in. Here are the different aspects to consider when settling on a crowdfunding platform:

– Credibility

Credibility is the basis of all types of investments. If investors choose to invest via service providers that cannot be verified, there is a probability for fraudulence. Inspecting the history of the crowdfunding platform is an essential step that will help prevent risks.

Trustworthy crowdfunding platforms should be under careful supervision by related government agencies. Siam Validus, for instance, is legally verified by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Thailand and discloses company information as well as has clear contact channels. Additionally, it has transparent investment systems and procedures with figures that can be tracked real-time.

– Transparency of Companies Raising Funds

An important duty of a reliable crowdfunding platform is to verify and screen the SMEs that apply for funding, while assessing the qualifications and risks that may be involved for investors to further evaluate.

Each crowdfunding platform implements different criteria when reviewing funding applicants. Hence, it is vital that investors thoroughly read through all the details provided or inquire directly with the crowdfunding platform before making any decision.

Siam Validus — A Credible & Standardized Digital Platform Offering Innovative Crowdfunding Solutions for Investors

Siam Validus implements a strict system when it comes to selecting and auditing SMEs applying for funds. As a result, we can present to investors each SME’s qualities as well as their ability to manage the firm in detail.

Moreover, Siam Validus’s has been officially accredited and legally verified as a trusted crowdfunding platform by The Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) in Thailand.

The company also utilizes advanced AI technologies to analyze further risks that may come with fundraisers so that investors could cautiously make financial decisions. Accordingly, investing via Siam Validus is vastly different from the traditional forms of investments most people are more acquainted with.

With the aforementioned details, Siam Validus is deemed by the industry as Thailand’s leading investment-based crowdfunding platform with the objective of supporting the sustainable growth of local SMEs.

*Important remark: Investing in crowdfunding debentures is ideal for investors with knowledge and understanding of the risks involved. Investors should be able to make his or her own financial decisions, wherein the investment type is suitable for those who want to diversify their portfolio. With investment-based crowdfunding, investors should consider illiquid investments and investing until the maturity of the debenture. Note that investment-based crowdfunding is not guaranteed by third parties and is not protected by any government agency. Thus, prior to any decision it is necessary that investors understand the nature of crowdfunding, thoroughly study its terms and conditions, and be prepared for any risk that may arise.

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